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28 Things I Did to Book a Role on ‘The Astronaut Wives Club’

Know that your goals and aspirations can become your reality if you are determined enough! Here are 28 things I did to make this goal a reality.

28. I cleaned house. And I’m not talking about where I live either. I worked on healing past wounds and letting go of negative relationships that were not supporting my journey, allowing me to focus more on myself and the things I wanted to accomplish in my career. 

27. I got specific with my casting and uniqueness in the industry. Knowing how to pull off different period looks and getting specific with my characters’ wardrobes has led me to many bookings including this one. By honoring my singularity and realizing that people in the industry deserve to know me, it gave me the confidence I needed to accomplish my goal. 

26. I did a play. Set in the ’60s, I played socialite Susan Mary Alsop, in David Auburn’s “The Columnist.” I had not done a play since the birth of my daughter and was craving a return to theater. I invited a producer friend of mine who afterwards told me I would be great for this new show called “The Astronaut Wives Club.” 

25. I got excited and passionate about the project. I put my heart and soul behind my actions knowing that when I follow my passion, success follows me. 

24. I believed without a doubt that I would book a role. I let my excitement for being on the show lead me instead of doubts and fears. If you believe it’s possible, so will everyone else.

23. I spoke my goal out loud. Sometimes we keep our dreams and goals to ourselves afraid of what others might think, but when we say them out load, we speak them into existence. Your words have tremendous power.


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