Mykle M​cCoslin

I Get nostalgic for old Hollywood and love bringinG The Glamour of

the Era to a role or dressing for an event.

there was something about the way women would wear their hair or how they wore hats and gloves That I identify with .

COMMERCIAL WORK  As every actor knows, commercial work is the bread and butter for working actors, and I am so excited and grateful to have a National Trulicity Commercial currently airing.  We shot the commercial last January in Louisiana, and the beautiful home featured in the spot is the historic Ardoyne Plantation.

​​​​TELEVISION work  I was so excited to be part of the cast of ABC's The Astronaut Wives Club.  Booking a role on the show was one of my main goals for 2014.  I was actually in performance for a play set in the 1960s when I initially heard about the project and knew I was perfect for the show.  I had made up my mind that I would book a role on the show and told all my friends and family about my goal even before it actually happened.  There was not a leaf I did not turn over to make this role manifest itself to me and the day I got the call from my agent that I had actually booked the role was one of the happiest days of my career. It really is amazing to believe something is possible  in your heart and soul before it manifests itself in real life.  I truly enjoyed the entire process of visualizing this role coming to me, and loved every party of the journey it took me on.  Needles to say the role I eventually booked was playing a Houston Socialite, Mrs. Ted Wilkins. My journey inspired me to publish my first ever article in Backstage titled, 28 Things I did to book a role on 'The Astronaut Wives Club'.

THEATER WORK  I love doing live Theater.  The instant connection you get with the audience and the way it is new and different every night is truly an actor's dream.  I have been extremely fortunate to have played some amazingly strong women on stage recently including Susan Mary Alsop in David Auburn's The Columnist, as well as Hester Salomon in Peter Shaffer's Equus.  But I would have to say that my favorite role so far has been playing the role of romance novelist Samantha Douglas in the new play, The Boundary, written by my friends Doug Williams and Donna McKenzie, which premiered last March at the new MATCH Theatre. Its not every day that you have someone write the leading role in a play for you and taking my first bow opening night was a moment I will always remember.  


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I am a southern girl at heart and definitely all woman, don't let the name fool you.  If I had to pick a flower to be it would be a gardenia for they are lovely, strong, perfect, with an aura of magic and perhaps a bit of mystery.  I am very proud of my Irish-American and Hispanic heritage and the fact that I am bilingual in Spanish, which a lot of people don't know about me.  I was lucky to have spent many summers growing up in Honduras, my mother's homeland, as well as Donie, TX, where my grandmother Elvis lived, and truly cherish how both cultures shaped who I am today.

One of the proudest moments of my career was when I joined the Screen Actor's Guild and became a member of a group of actors who's careers I had long admired.  Now as a SAG-AFTRA member, I am very proud of the fact that I am protected as a performer and belong to a membership whose roots go back to those first actors in Hollywood in the 30's who stood up for their rights.  Currently I serve as the 1st Vice President of the Houston-Austin SAG-AFTRA local and recently became a member of Actor's Equity. 

What I love about being an actor and the characters that I have played, is that they all seem to be a mixture of strong, talented, sweet, funny, beautiful, passionate, charismatic, and mesmerizing women, and as a person that is what I strive to be.  I am always in awe of what the characters I play bring out in me and the things I learn through playing them.  I truly believe that as an artist I bring magic, love, and light to every role I play; always remembering the little girl still inside me who believes in miracles and magic and always will.   My goal in life is to inspire others to follow their own dreams, and I am excited to be doing exactly this with my acting students at my Acting Studio, REEL ACTORS STUDIO.

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